Our Films on The Great War in the reflection of One Hundred Years 1916-2016

Every time we visited a school or university during the course of our project we stressed (as also in 2014) that the core element of our clip competition is not the year 1914 or 1916, but instead the Great War itself. It is sufficient if the applicant presents any year of World War I in their 2-4 minute clip.

One of the primary goals of this student project is for you, the applicant, to present how your ancestors took part in World War I. This is the topic in which no one will be able to compete with you, as the story of your ancestor is an individual one. Say the relative was enlisted in the army, and later caught and held as a prisoner of war or taken to Siberia, and this had been his individual experience. If you have a letter written by him from the front and you are able to supply the overall story with general information on the circumstances and where his story can enter the narrative, then this will provide the historical and individual content for your clip.

As in 2014, we have presented a 25 minute film this year as well, in addition to three short (3 minute) clips. The length of the individual clips should be 2-4 minutes. It is not compulsory to start with 1916, any year of the Great War may be addressed in the clip.

Our aim with the following 25 minute film is to assist you with information to start your own video clip:

We posted this also in 3 minute fragments to facilitate its promotion on Facebook.

Part 1, in which secondary school teachers introduce the video competition:

In Part 2 professors Ferenc Pollmann, András Gerő and György Schöpflin discuss the outcome of World War I, and in particular the year 1916:

Part 3 presents Szilárd Tóth, Andrzej Nowak, Alexander Stykalin as they speak about varying perceptions of World War I and how they differ from those in Hungary:

The deadline has been extended to December 15 so be quick and send us your video entry!

Géza Gecse