Violence in the Reflection of 100 years - for those, who do not speak Hungarian

Angol nyelvű összefoglalóinkat a magyarul nem tudó, viszont a klipvetélkedőben részt venni szándékozó diákoknak készítettük el!

For those, who do not speak Hungarian!

Violence in the Reflection of One Hundred Years 1914 – 2014: a documentary videoclip and short film competition

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The opening event was held on the 28th of May 2014. See the text summary by clicking on:



See the summary of the opening event in a film report by clicking on:



We were interested about what students and their teachers think of the correlation between the results of WWI and the Treaty of Trianon, so we travelled to Cluj (Kolozsvár) and Budapest and what we learned there can be found by clicking on:



 Hunor Mákszem          Beáta Sánta                    Márk Vígh                      Áron Bán

Learn what they told us in the film by clicking on:




The main event of the subject concerning the role of Violence in the reflection of One Hundred Years 1914 – 2014 was the Aspektus debate held on the 28th of June 2014 at ELTE University in Budapest. See the text of the film by clicking on:



See the film on the whole event in 26 minutes by clicking on: